Warrior Kirsten

In 2016 our world was rocked when our sister, Kirsten Orcutt Johnson, was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer shortly after her 34th birthday. Over the last three years she has bravely gone through a variety of chemotherapies and radiation treatments, each more devastating to her body than the last. The treatments she has endured have caused her to lose her hair – twice, damaged her short-term memory, and left her suffering an almost innumerable variety of unpleasant side effects. Through it all she has remained optimistic and continued to be a loyal, generous, and kind wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend, often putting others’ needs ahead of her own.
In October 2019 her medical team at Huntsman Cancer Institute indicated that the tumors in her brain are no longer responding to the treatments and that there are no viable treatment options remaining. As a family we are devastated, desperately wishing for another avenue of treatment. While we continue to hope for miracles, we are cognizant that time is not in our favor.
Andrew, Kirsten’s husband operates his own small business. There are no sick days, vacation days, or co-workers to carry the load for him during this time. We would love to be able to cover the day-to-day and living expenses so Andrew and Kirsten can focus their energy and efforts on each other and their family during this time. Their three boys, aged 5, 9, and 12 deserve a lifetime with their mother; absent our ability to give them that, we’d like to give them the gift of quality time.
We have set up an account at Wells Fargo for them. You can donate to the account via PayPal or Venmo
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